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Jul 31, 2012 5:00pm EDT
colleague in new york, jerry nadler, and eleanor holmes norton for their very strong leadership in opposition to this bill. mr. speaker, the callus indifference that is shown to the lives this health, the well being and constitutional rights of women in this bill simply beggar description. for instance, the bill has no provision whatsoever for women who have been the victims of rape or incest. and there is no exception for a woman's health. this bill would use the awesome power of the state to compel the victim of an -- of a violent assault to bear the child of her attacker and compel a minor child who has been the victim of incest to bear her sibling. how can you even begin to justify the intrusion of federal power into such deeply painful and personal matters. this bill is an assault on decency and common sense. and it adds to the battery of weapons being used by our republican colleagues and their war against women. a vote for this bill is a vote to show contempt for women's health, women's rights, a doctor's role in health care decisions and the constitution, all in one fell
Jul 23, 2012 7:00am EDT
an. authorities say james holmes has not been cooperating in the investigation and the motive in the attack that killed 12 people is still not known. turning to syria, a foreign ministry spokesman is admitting the country has chemical weapons, the says they will never be used against their own people. a spokesman says the stockpiles are secure and that syria would only use them against foreign attackers. back in washington, the world's largest aids conference has just begun. researchers, doctors, and patients are urging the world government to not cut back on the fight against the epidemic, which they say is that a turning point. the conference is live on c- span2. those are some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> watch book to be an american history to be the week of august 4 and 5 as c-span local content vehicles export the heritage of literary culture of louisville, ky. >> a lot of the stores are stores that were open by people who are interested in having a business, not that they were or had an attachment to books or a love of books, but they were business people
Jul 23, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of the weapons used by holmes was an ar-15 rifle, a semi-automatic weapon. if the assault weapon ban of the violent crime control and law enforcement act of 1994 had not been allowed to expire, it might have been perhaps that 12 people, including a little girl, might still be alive. our colleague, gabrielle giffords, was at home, making thankfully a recovery, but the six people who died that day might be alive. and a young man in st. croix who lost his life yesterday and many others in the u.s. virgin islands and across this country might still be alive if that ban was in place. and so again on behalf of myself and my family and the people of the virgin islands, i offer condolences to the family and again say that the family of those who were lost and the families of those who are recovering are in our prayers. at this time i would like to yield such time as he might consume to our democratic whip, a true leader for all americans, leading us on many issues. tonight i believe he's going to talk about voter protection. but he also has been working very hard to make sure that we make it
Jul 4, 2012 10:00am EDT
, and then at the conservative stance from people like jesse holmes, who at the end of his career was talking with bryant -- bono about supporting that issue around the globe. look at ronald reagan, and then fast forward to his vice president's son, george w. bush, who is conservative on many issues but lead on this issue. on this issue, or whether it is gay rights, or woman's reproductive rights, can you imagine a similar transformation happening in conservative figures? >> yes, i always say it is inevitable to us, inconceivable to them, and it is our job to shorten the distance between the inevitable and the inconceivable. it takes our work not only inside to maneuver and persuade, but the outside mobilization it is essential, and in almost every issue the american people are ahead of the elected officials. i had the privilege of being in new york city with some colleagues yesterday with bono, who had worked on the aids issue. we started working with bono on that debt forgiveness issue, the millennium challenge in the jubilee year to end that debt that some many countries were oppressed with. that is the initi
Jul 7, 2012 7:00am EDT
. >> oliver wendell holmes who was a colonel in the american civil war and became a justice of the supreme court said in a speech in 1884 that to fight in work, you must believe in something with all your might. he said in this speech that this is the fundamental aspect of all wars, small, big. the civil war was the big event in his life looking forward, this idea of the leaving and wanting something with all your might -- that transcends any. in american history. it is a dimension of the art of war that is almost universal, the belief, the want, and a sense of all your might, giving yourself fully to something. without becoming overly spiritual, this is something that is a little alien to us perhaps in the 20th century. navy seals or delta force, i think they tap into that feeling of total immersion in something, giving yourself wholly. i think that is a dimension of warfare that is almost universal. even in these early periods for the skirmishes and complex for less technological and more about ambushes and sneaking up on the enemy, even in these early conflicts, we still can recognize t
Jul 12, 2012 1:00am EDT
out the door. the case dominated the news for one new cycle until tom cruise and katey holmes announced that they were getting a divorce and then it was removed from the main intention. people will be mulling it over for years and years. i would like to focus on three important but somewhat lower profile cases. two of which arise from the criminal law category. and one that involves taxes, but not the health care case. in the case that is called williams against illinois, the court confronted a criminal defendant the was found guilty based on a dna match. evidence left at the scene included samples of bodily fluids and from a dna lab. later, a second technician ran that dna profile against the entire database of other dna profiles and found that that dna profile was the dna profile of the defendant charged with the crime. the question was whether the criminal defendant had a confrontation clause to cross- examine the person that tested the original sample. the only person that testified was the technician that ran the test. they said the one produced was the one in the system.
Jul 11, 2012 1:00pm EDT
and deserve. and that's where they're at. we've been joined by representative eleanor holmes north whon has joined us. representative, thank you for joining us in the special order. ms. norton: i want to thank you, representative tonko, and my other good colleague, representative garamendi, for leading this special hour and for offering the perspective that you've been this hour with -- that you've begun this hour with. something that our fathers and grandfathers are responsible for, the greatest generation. we all -- and now have been embraced by the american pooned people and as proud democrats we're very, very proud of that -- of these very important reforms. i wanted to come to the floor as well to offer some reallife, realtime evidence, as people try to judge what they've heard on the floor today, what they heard on the floor yesterday about the heament care bill -- the health care bill. we teach our children fair play, you know, you win some, you lose some. when you lose then you lost that one. you try again another time. what they've seen in the house this year and last year is the r
Jul 14, 2012 2:00pm EDT
has developed over 27 initiatives from education to veteran holmes to employment. the civil service to benefit state retirement if you have the service. sometimes he gets particular to the persian gulf conflict. the emergency assistance to veterans. emergency assistance for food and clothing for the disabled. it goes on and on. we had a school that was not too far from the area near gettysburg. it is the other side of the mountains. it was a school for the veterans. it was not being used as much. the money they will game will go much like what he mentioned earlier. the veterans trust funds. it to help with the various service organizations to help but the representatives in each of the counties and to go at the hour veterans across the way. many create a program like that you want to find other sources of -- when you create a program like that you want to find other sources of income. it is wise for the legislature to take care. one would be a designation on a driver's license of "v" for veteran. it would be to dollar offset the. that will go to the foundation. suddenly another belb
Jul 22, 2012 7:00am EDT
is suspect james egan holmes, who shot 71 people, killing 12. in the virginia tech shooting, # two were killed, 27 wounded, in 1966, charles whitman, 47 people shot, 16 were killed, 31 wounded, killeen, texas, 45 people were shot at luby's cafeteria, 23 fatally shot, at mcdonald's in san ysidro, california, 40 people shot, 19 wounded, and at columbine high school in littleton, colorado, 39 people were shot, 13 died, 26 wounded, the list is available at denver thank you for your calls and comments on the second amendment and continue the conversation on coming up, chris cillizza, managing political director of the "washington post" to talk about his book and the campaign. and does syria have control over its chemical weapons stockpile? we'll ask a leading scholar on this issue, and andrew tab ler, the washington institute for near east politics. the sunday programs can be heard on c-span radio every sunday afternoon. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. on today's network, the mat shooting in suburban denver dominating the discussions, plans for de
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)